Developing Healthy Morning Habits(Part 1)

One of the best ways to start your day off with enough motivation
to accomplish your daily goals is to develop healthy morning
habits and start your day off on a positive note. When you can
train yourself to develop healthy habits, you will find that your
energy levels through the day have increased dramatically.
This will result in getting the extra boost you need to make you
feel that you are ready to take on your day. You want to be
pumped and ready to go, so that you can focus on the tasks that
you need to accomplish that day.

Setting small goals for yourself is an integral part of directing you
toward your long-term goals. Your morning ritual is a critical factor
in being able to accomplish your goals no matter how large or
small. Starting your day with a positive ritual will help to revitalize
you. If you can, you want to try to teach yourself how to stay
focused on a single task. Focusing on a single task at the time will
help you to reach your broader goals.

Creating a daily morning ritual will have you jumping out of your
bed to greet the new day rather than dragging yourself out of bed
feeling tired and glum before your day even has the chance to get

You may be like many people and believe that you just can’t do
anymore in the morning because you are already struggling to get
through your morning as it is. You may not see yourself as a
morning person. Even if you have your doubts about creating a
morning ritual, you will gain the tools that you need to make the
changes in your life and increase your motivation.

Adding the following routine to your morning ritual will provide you
with numerous benefits. The first 30 minutes of the routine will
give you the energy you need to get up and, and it will help you to
stay energized throughout your day.

If you can commit to devoting your early mornings to work on self improvement,

you will be much less likely to skip the routing and by working on your

self-improvement in the mornings the rest of
your day will be more productive.

Becoming active in the early morning can be an incredibly
daunting prospect. However, with some practice and patience,
you will adjust. The great thing is that you will be in control of
when your day begins. You will realize that the benefits that you
are getting from this change in your life are well worth going
through the initial aches and pains of change.

Rather than continuing to do your daily unproductive morning
routine, learn how to get your tasks done in order of priority by
setting up a daily planner for yourself. Replace the pointless
actions that you’ve been doing every morning with ones that are
going to add real meaning to your life. Finding an energized ritual
is going to help to boost your energy levels and increase your
motivation throughout your day.

Gain More Exposure to Natural Light
The first thing that you should do in the morning is open your
blinds and curtains to allow more natural light to flow into your
room. Your body is programmed to wake up to natural light. If it is
during the winter and it’s dark in the mornings where you live,
then you may need to get up and turn on the lights.

There are special lights that you can buy, called “happy light”
simulates natural light. So, while you are doing other things, like
gathering your clothing, keep exposing yourself to the natural
light. There are also several kinds of alarm clocks on the market
today that will simulate the rising sun in your bedroom.

Washing Up Ritual
When we take the time to wash in the morning, this helps our
brain realize that the day has begun. To get the most out of the
washing up ritual, try to incorporate these steps into your new
daily morning routine. When you first wake up:
1. Wash your face with hot water and a facial cleanser.
2. Finish up with a splash of cold water.
3. Take a short shower. Don’t worry about washing your hair or
using soap, just get your body wet.
4. Dry off and get dressed in fresh clothes.
5. Brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash.
Following these simple steps, every morning will signal to your
brain that it is time to start your day.

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